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Handling Legal Problems in a Foreign Country

Spring vacation is here, making it a popular time for taking trips. In the second part of writer David Kelly’s About.com travel advice series, he interviews Lawyers.com Editor-in-Chief Larry Bodine on how to handle legal trouble, while in a foreign country. The article, which originally appeared in About.com, is republished below. “More Legal Tips for Business Travelers” By David Kelly, About.com Guide I’ve traveled overseas frequently, but luckily, I’ve never had any legal problems. But that doesn’t mean it’s not …

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Your Say on Abortion Laws [Poll]

Lawyers.com reporter Josh Crank contrasts a proposed New York law with anti-abortion measures in Mississippi and North Dakota. The New York legislature will vote on whether to allow late-term abortions if a mother’s health is at risk. California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland and Nevada already have similar laws. Mississippi and North Dakota are on the verge of closing down their last abortion clinics, by requiring doctors to be board-certified OBGYNs, eligible to practice at a local hospital. Read Josh’s full …

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