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Posted 4 years ago in Crime Your Personal Rights by Betsy Kim  
Do You Support Physician-Assisted Suicide? [Poll]

A Kentucky man, Ernest Chris Chumbley, faces murder charges, after shooting his wife who suffered from breast cancer. He claims she requested to be killed to end her constant pain. A jury must still decide this case. Chumbley did not obtain the help of a physician, but his case touches upon the arguments in death with dignity laws. Physician-assisted suicide generally means, upon a patient’s request, a doctor provides a terminally-ill patient with a lethal dose of medication, which the …

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Posted 4 years ago in Government Your Personal Rights by Aaron Kase  
Vermont Gov. Signs Death with Dignity Bill

Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin today signed into a law a death with dignity bill that will allow physicians to prescribe medication for terminally sick patients who wish to end their lives. Shumlin, who promised to push the legislation during his 2010 campaign, said in a statement that he knows “how important it is for those who face terminal illness and tremendous pain to have this choice, in conjunction with their physicians and loved ones, in the final days of their …

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Death with Dignity Laws May Spread in 2013

As many as six states this year could advance death with dignity laws that would allow individuals to take their own lives with the help of doctor-prescribed medication. Currently, only Oregon and Washington have statutes allowing physicians to aid people with dying, while Montana allows the practice through court precedent. Varying polls show majority support for death with dignity laws. Last year 84 percent of Americans polled agreed that “How a terminally ill person chooses to end his/her life should …

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