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Posted 3 years ago in Crime Marijuana by Josh Crank  
US Attorney Hints Medical Marijuana Crackdown to Continue

U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag, one of four federal attorneys behind the nearly two-year crackdown on medical marijuana in California, suggested her enforcement will continue despite new drug policy guidance from the Department of Justice. Attorney General Eric Holder announced in late August that the federal government won’t sue to block state laws legalizing marijuana in various forms, including the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado and Washington. An accompanying memo issued by Deputy Attorney General James M. Cole identified eight …

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Posted 4 years ago in Government Marijuana by Josh Crank  
Obama Administration Won’t Block State Marijuana Reforms

The Obama administration announced Thursday it will not seek to strike down state marijuana laws that conflict with federal law, including last year’s voter-driven legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado and Washington. Attorney General Eric Holder hosted a conference call with the Governors of Colorado and Washington to inform them of the decision and warn them that the Department of Justice would be closely monitoring the marijuana activity in their states. Holder described a “trust but verify” system in which …

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