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Posted 4 years ago in Crime Current Events Government Video by Ed Alpern  
HBO Show: Criminal Defense of the Poor Is a Fiasco [Video]

  HBO Documentary Gideon’s Army “We don’t see a lot of happily ever afters in this profession, but hopefully we get us a happily ever after,” says Brandy Alexander, one of three public defenders from the deep South, whose stories are told in a new HBO documentary called “Gideon’s Army.” Videojournalist Ed Alpern takes Lawyers.com viewers behind the scenes of this film to show how America’s criminal defense system for the impoverished is in shambles and needs to be repaired. …

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Posted 4 years ago in Criminal Law Selecting a Lawyer by Betsy Kim  
Private Attorney vs. Public Defender [Infographic]

If a defendant is too poor to hire a lawyer, the court will appoint an attorney for free. But unless there’s a conflict of interests, neither the client nor lawyer has a choice in the assignment. The Criminal Justice Degrees Schools infographic spells out such differences between these types of legal representation. Defendants charged with violent crimes and rapes are represented seven percent of the time by private attorneys compared to four percent of the time by public defenders. Yet …

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