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Posted 4 years ago in Divorce by Aaron Kase  
Man Refuses To Grant Ex-Wife Official Jewish Divorce

When is a divorce not a divorce? When a couple goes through the legal process to dissolve their marriage — but then one party refuses to go forward with steps to end the union in the eyes of whatever religion they happen to practice. A group is protesting against a Connecticut man who was divorced from his wife in 2005, but has since declined to release her from the marriage under the rules of Judaism. According to Jewish law, after …

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Newsbreak: Separation of Church, State and Money [Video]

  In today’s Newsbreak, Lawyers.com Editorial Director Betsy Kim looks at recent legal cases involving religion and the law. Hobby Lobby, with its 550 stores will not have to pay daily fines for failing to comply with the Affordable Care Act. The arts and craft chain had been fined for refusing to provide birth control coverage to its 13,000 employees. The family, who owns the Oklahoma-based company, claims providing contraception which includes the morning after pill violates their Christian beliefs. …

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