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Posted 4 years ago in Frauds & Scams by Michele Bowman  
Fake Cancer-Cure Doc Gets 14 Years for Fraud

An evangelical preacher-turned-doctor has been sentenced to 14 years in prison for luring patients with cancer and other serious diseases into expensive treatments with her “herbal remedy” that in fact contained things like beef flavoring and sunscreen.   Victims Sacrificed Real Treatment A federal judge in California on May 17 sentenced Christine Daniel, 58, to 14 years in prison and required her to repay over $1.2 million that she bilked from unsuspecting cancer sufferers and their families. Daniel was reportedly …

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Posted 4 years ago in Criminal Law Taxation by Betsy Kim  
Is Lindsay Lohan Being Treated Fairly? [Poll]

Lawyers.com readers may have noticed actress Lindsay Lohan keeps getting into trouble with the law. As reported in today’s Lawyers.com news article, “IRS Seizes Lindsay Lohan’s Bank Accounts,” the actor of tiger’s blood fame, Charlie Sheen, reportedly stepped in to help Lindsay pay her debts. With all of Lindsay’s recent troubles, do you feel the “Freaky Friday” actress is being treated fairly, or are police and law enforcement giving her the “Mean Girls” treatment and selectively picking on Lindsay? Take …

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Posted 5 years ago in by Sylvia Hsieh  
The Misdemeanors of Lauryn Hill: Failure to Pay Taxes is Not Cool

Grammy-winning hip hop artist, former Fugees phenom, and dare we say musical genius Lauryn Hill made a not-so-genius move by failing to file income tax returns for three years. Maybe “L Boogie,” the “rapper-slash-actress/more powerful than two Cleopatras,” singer, songwriter, and social critic, who now prefers the moniker Ms. Hill, forgot to file, or was too busy (she does have a brood of seven kids with Rohan Marley), or the dog ate her 1040. Whatever the excuse, doesn’t matter – …

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