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Posted 3 years ago in Personal Injury by Michele Bowman  
12 Children Injured in Conn. Amusement Ride Accident

An amusement park swing ride at the Norwalk Oyster Festival in Connecticut came to an unexpected and abrupt halt on Sept. 8, injuring 18 riders, a dozen of them children.   Inspections and Investigations The festival included a traveling assortment of amusement rides, including a giant swing ride called the Zumur, on which riders are seated individually in swings attached to a central point by chains. In this case, the ride suddenly stopped, resulting in the riders swinging wildly out …

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Posted 3 years ago in Personal Injury Podcasts by Matt Plessner  
Beware of Amusement Park Dangers [Podcast]

(Purestock/Thinkstock)   Hazards at Theme Parks You might be planning to usher in a last hurrah of summer by heading to an amusement park this holiday weekend. But be careful. There are approximately 4,400 injuries at these destinations. The majority of injuries involve children on rides. Earlier this summer, a woman tragically plunged to her death on a roller coaster ride when the safety bar released, at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington.   Personal Injury Cases Lawyers.com radio reporter …

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Posted 4 years ago in Personal Injury by Michele Bowman  
Roller Coaster Rider Falls to Death at Six Flags

A 52-year-old woman fell to her death from a roller coaster at Six Flags in Arlington, Texas, on July 18, and it’s no surprise that legal action looms.   Fatal Fall It was the first time the woman, Rosy Esparza (or Rosa Ayala-Goana, as official reports refer to her), had ever been to the amusement park. When she was strapped in to the Texas Giant, she reportedly complained to the operators of the ride that she didn’t think the safety …

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