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Posted 5 years ago in Immigration by Ted Bogosian  
Video: Know Your Rights as An Accused Noncitizen

  What happens if you are an undocumented immigrant and you get arrested? You have more rights than you think. Immigration attorney Howard Silverman explains that even undocumented immigrants have certain legal protections. If you’ve been detained you’re entitled to: Private legal representation.  Freedom from illegal search an seizure. Police must obtain a warrant or have probable cause to conduct a search of you or your property. There have been 1.1 million deportations under the Obama administration, and this trend …

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Posted 5 years ago in Immigration by Jennifer King  
Immigration Authorities Step Up Actions Against Unauthorized Workers

If you’re a business owner or HR manager, the federal government has a message for you: Don’t hire illegal workers—and make sure you have a process in place to prevent hiring them. If not, US Immigration & Customs Enforcement is coming for you. The agency, which conducts audits and raids to ensure businesses are only hiring legal workers, has stepped up enforcement efforts in recent years. According to the Associated Press, in fiscal year 2011 ICE audited 2,496 companies, a …

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