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Posted 5 years ago in Class Actions Consumer Law by Michele Bowman  
Merck Slammed for $39 Million Over Vioxx Fraud

Having already shelled out billions to cover personal injury claims based on the dangerous side effects of Vioxx, Merck & Co. Inc. is now getting nailed for consumer fraud and deceptive marketing practices in connection with the anti-inflammatory drug that was prescribed to treat arthritis. Merck and the lawyers for the plaintiffs in a Missouri class action announced on Nov. 1 that the drug maker will pay $39 million to settle claims that it promoted and sold Vioxx in violation …

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Posted 5 years ago in Consumer Law by Sylvia Hsieh  
ALEC-Inspired Bills Could Bar Defective Drug Lawsuits

Every year, thousands of Americans are sickened or killed by bad prescription drugs, but a battle is brewing in several states that could take away the ability of consumers to sue drug makers based on model bills by the controversial organization American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC.) In the case of some popular drugs like Vioxx or Phen-Fen, tens of thousands of consumers have sued en masse for bad side effects or risks that drug makers failed to warn about. Another …

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