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Posted 4 years ago in Your Personal Rights by Betsy Kim  
Wiretapping Pits Privacy Against Security [Infographic]

Where do you draw the line in balancing security with privacy? The www.whocalledmyphone.com infographic traces significant legal developments, which document the tension between security and privacy in U.S. history. The graph begins with the creation of the 4th Amendment and chronologically follows subsequent legal events, including creation of the PRISM program and the disclosures of Edward Snowden. Review the infographic below. Let us know where you stand on governmental invasion of privacy and its justification of needing to protect people.

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Posted 5 years ago in Internet Law by Michele Bowman  
Cops Can Read Your Text Messages Without a Warrant

An appeals court in Washington State on June 26 upheld the conviction of Jonathan Roden, the client of a drug dealer whose cell phone the police had seized and then used to entice Roden to arrange a meeting to buy more heroin. The detective initiated the text messaging after finding older texts that suggested he was a client. The Court of Appeals of Washington rejected Roden’s argument that the state’s use of his text messages on the dealer’s phone violated …

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