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  • Consider the whole impact of Litigation

    Lawyers will talk to their clients about the cost of litigation, the preparation that is involved, the witness list, but how often do they discuss the non-financial impact of litigation?  We can ... Read more

  • Workplace Consulting

    Whenever an organization works together, it is important that its members understand the goals of the group as a whole. An attorney skilled in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can help your team f ... Read more

  • Consider Pre-Suit Mediation

    Consider Pre-suit Mediation Mediation is now engrained in the personal injury tort litigation process and supports an 80% settlement success rate.  Almost all litigated tort cases are mediated no ... Read more

  • The advantages of pre-suit mediation

    Many individuals are now beginning to utilize what is know as Pre-suit Mediation.  The advantages of this form of mediation are endless however below is a list of some of the most important reaso ... Read more

  • Evaluating An Attorney

    Choosing the right attorney involves a combination of both objective criteria, and subjective impression. The Los Angeles divorce law firm has to have the right skills, the right experience, the right ... Read more

  • The Exorbitant Cost of Arbitration

    Business people have been misinformed about arbitration. Most have been told that it is cheaper than litigation in court. Except in a few limited cases, it is much more expensive because the lawyers d ... Read more