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  • Demystifying the Massachusetts Appellate Process

    Often attorneys and clients think of the appeals process as an abyss – a long, uncertain process where they wait many months (or years) for a final resolution of their legal case.  Although ... Read more

  • How Long Will My Appeal Take?

    A party must act quickly to appeal an adverse judgment.  A party must act quickly to appeal an adverse judgment.  Rule 3(a) of the Massachusetts Rules of Appellate Procedure requires that a ... Read more

  • Why Hire an Appellate Attorney?

    Why should you hire an appellate attorney?  You may be happy with your trial counsel, having already worked and developed a good relationship with your trial counsel for months or perhaps years. ... Read more

  • Post-Oral Argument Letters to the Panel

    I recently attended a continuing legal education seminar where the Clerk of the Massachusetts Appeals Court, Joseph Stanton, provided useful information concerning post-oral argument letters, often de ... Read more

  • Commencement of Appeal Period

    The Supreme Court of the United States issued a recent decision answering the question of whether an appeal period begins after a court determines the merits of the case or after it awards attorney ... Read more

  • Electronic Submissions to the Appeals Court

    The Massachusetts Appeals Court requires some pleadings to be filed electronically, rather than through hard copy.  Although the Standing Order concerning electronic filings has been effective f ... Read more