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    During a divorce in Minnesota, spouses may have restrictions put on their assets and finances. This prevents spouses from taking or selling property that may not belong to them once the divorce is fin ... Read more

  • Level 4 & 5 Asset Protection

    Today we wrap up our discussion of asset protection with a brief analysis of the fourth and fifth levels of asset protection.Level 4 Asset Protection involves the use of entities such as LLCs, LPs, FL ... Read more

  • Level 2 & 3 Asset Protection

    We continue our discussion of Asset Protection with a brief analysis of the second and third Levels of Asset Protection. Level 2 Asset Protection is basic estate planning that everyone should have. T ... Read more

  • Level 1 Asset Protection

    We gave a brief introdution to the concept of Asset Protection. Today we will dig a little deeper by explaining the first level of Asset Protection. Level 1 Asset Protection is the use of business ent ... Read more

  • An Introduction to Asset Protection

    Asset Protection is a topic few people understand.  Today we begin a multi-part series on Asset Protect to help you understand this topic.  There are two rules to Asset Protection and five l ... Read more

  • LLC Asset Protection Strategies

    Inside-Out Liability:As far as inside-out liability, members of an LLC have the same level of personal liability protection as the shareholders of a corporation. That is, creditors of the entity, whet ... Read more