Truck Decapitates Pedestrian, Officers Cringe

Most law enforcement officers would find yesterday’s fatal Orange County accident traumatizing: a heavy tractor-trailer rolled over a pedestrian and decapitated him.

Said Trooper Michael Bonner: "It was a fatal crash, and it wasn’t a pretty one."

Investigators will have to use the victim’s fingerprints to identify him.

Bonner and other troopers who work for the Florida Highway Patrol deal with horrific and violent accidents that leave young children and pregnant women dead, or others maimed or badly mangled on Central Florida’s roadways.

How do these public servants deal with the gruesome images they witness on a regular basis?

Troopers and other law-enforcement officers turn to victims advocates or seek anonymous counseling sessions through their agencies to help them overcome these strong emotions. In some cases, sharing stories among themselves is the best therapy.

For more on this news story, see today’s Orlando Sentinel.

A decapitated pedestrian is one of the many psychologically traumatic images law enforcement officers witness on a daily basis.

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