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Bankruptcy in December 2009

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  • Steps to Avoid Bankruptcy

      Ways to Avoid Bankruptcy Although bankruptcy may seem like an easy way out of a financial mess, it brings a whole list of credit problems and inquiries for many years to come.  Bankruptcy ... Read more

  • Can all debts be discharged when filing bankruptcy?

    Bankruptcy Attorneys in Ohio Can all Debts be Discharged when Filing Bankruptcy? Not all debts can be discharged when filing bankruptcy.  Cupps & Garrison, Columbus bankruptcy lawyers, expla ... Read more

  • Answers to Common Bankruptcy Questions

    ANSWERS TO COMMON BANKRUPTCY QUESTIONS We are a debt relieve agency.  We proudly help people file for bankruptcy relief under the bankruptcy code. A decision to file for bankruptcy should be mad ... Read more

  • Will I Lose My House if I File Bankruptcy?

    Ohio Bankruptcy Lawyers Will I Lose My House if I File Bankruptcy? At Cupps & Garrison, Columbus bankruptcy attorneys, we hear this question a lot.  “If we file bankruptcy, will we lose ... Read more

  • Characteristics of Bankruptcy Law

    The decision to filing bankruptcy in Jacksonville is a difficult choice for many people to make. Not only are you dealing with the stress and anxiety that naturally arise when you are facing insurmoun ... Read more