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Bankruptcy in January 2010

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  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Eligibility

    Ohio Bankruptcy Lawyers: Cupps & Garrison, LLC. In order to be eligible to file a Chapter 13 in Columbus, there are certain conditions that must be met: 1) You must be an individual or a ... Read more

  • What Debts Will Bankruptcy Wipe Clean?

    Filing for bankruptcy in Boca Raton is a way for an individual or business to wipe the financial slate clean and reorganize his or her personal or business finances.  Many people have questi ... Read more

  • Bankruptcy and Mortgage Modification

    In today’s unstable economy, many people find themselves facing levels of debt and insecurity like never before. The last few years demonstrated how a single event such as job loss, swellin ... Read more

  • Cramdowns and Scrape-offs

    Cramdowns and scrape-offs are special tools designed to help people who have filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  They are not available to people in a Chapter 7.  First off is the cramdown. ... Read more

  • Small Business Owners Filing Bankruptcy

    As a New York bankruptcy lawyer in this rough economy, many small business owners call trying to find out options for filing bankruptcy to escape their debt. You can read more general advice in this s ... Read more

  • Dealing with Timeshares in Bankruptcy

    Many of my New York bankruptcy clients have for reasons now unclear, even to themselves, bought Timeshares in Florida, South Carolina etc. Now they want out. Have you tried selling a Timeshare? Unless ... Read more

  • Steps To Avoid Bankruptcy

    When it comes to bankruptcy in Los Angeles, the best defense is avoidance. Get a handle on your debt before you wind up struggling to repay it and bankruptcy will become an option you never need conte ... Read more

  • How Are My Bank Accounts Affected in Bankruptcy

    A common question people ask me at our initial meeting to consider bankruptcy in New York, is how will their bank accounts be affected. It seems sensible enough that your credit cards may be canceled ... Read more