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CHESTER PLLC Launches new web site

Dallas-based global business & technology law firm CHESTER PLLC is excited to announce the launch of their new web site:, now available for public consumption.

PLLC is the only global business & technology law firm in the
central United States.  The launch of this new web site formally
announces the firm’s emergence as a viable alternative to large law
firms and NY, DC or LA firms focusing on innovation, business, and/or
international transactions and trade law.

of the site was been a long, demanding process, but the firm is very
pleased with the results.  And the firm knows they couldn’t have done it
alone.  The firms notes its thanks to web developer Jake Thompson and
to marketing expert Paige Dawson and her team at MPD Ventures for their
fine work and assistance on this project.  CHESTER PLLC also thanks the
many folks who provided input and feedback as we revised and tweaked the
site into something they are very proud to share.

the site has gone ‘live’, it is far from finished – and never will be,"
said Managing Attorney Jim Chester.  "We intend to frequently update
the site with news, presentations and articles, not to mention the
firm’s ‘Trade & Innovation Law’ blog that has been integrated into
the site."

Far from being some "cookie-cutter" or
"slick" marketing piece, the site reflects the unique culture and
progressive philosophy of CHESTER PLLC, and illustrates the character
and  strengths of the firm.



is a Dallas-based global business & technology law firm.  The firm
represents technology-oriented and other innovation-based companies, and
advises clients on a variety of legal issues related to their domestic
and international business operations. Firm clients include
entrepreneurs, start-ups and privately-held companies of all sizes in a
variety of industries.  The firm’s practice includes business
formations, acquisitions and technology transactions and agreements;
intellectual property (including trademark, copyright, patent and trade
secret protection) protection, licensing & enforcement; and
eCommerce/Internet business.  The firm also assists companies in
international business transactions and import/export and other trade
matters (e.g., ITAR, FCPA, and NAFTA, etc.) and has advised clients on
business deals involving over 100 countries.
it takes great legal representation to protect great ideas and great
companies.  If you’d like to learn how CHESTER PLLC can assist your
company, please contact the firm at or visit our
site for more information.

Remember – "You’re not alone in the world."

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