Business Law in December 2012

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  • Its Your Turn To Ask Questions

    Several years ago we conducted an informal poll asking people what kept them from using an attorney. The most common answer wasn’t cost, it was feeling insecure or uncomfortable in the presence ... Read more

  • Frozen in legal concerns?

    There is a fear-based notion that freezes business people and the average citizen into an ever-worsening situation.  I observe it both in small corporations that have not done their corporate min ... Read more

  • But It’s Not My Fault!

    Business clients regularly tell me that they prepare their own tax returns because they have excellent bookkeeping skills and know as much about their taxes as any accountant, so why not save the mone ... Read more

  • Winter 2013 Newsletter

        CLASSIFYING EMPLOYEES FOR WAGES    As a general proposition, employers are required by federal law to pay their employees overtime, usually one and one-half times the ... Read more

  • What Is A Trade Secret?

    Trade Secret is often a nebulous term encompassing disparate facts and analyses to ascertain its existence and enforceability. For instance, Plaintiff’s belief that some particular information ... Read more