Business Law in March 2018

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  • A New York 1031 Exchange Tax Primer

    When a taxpayer conducts a 1031 exchange, one point which should always be kept in mind is that this transaction may generate issues with state level taxation. Though it’s part of the federal ta ... Read more

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    For many citizens, receiving an IRS audit ranks among the most terrifying possibilities they can imagine. An IRS audit is undeniably a very stressful ordeal, one which requires a great ... Read more

  • What is the Principal Residence Exclusion?

    As challenging as it may be to believe, many sections of our tax code are designed to make things more equitable and fair for American taxpayers. Given its intimidating size and foreign terminology, m ... Read more

  • How to Deal with New York Tax Liens

    If you owe back taxes to New York State, one thing to always must remember is that simply ignoring the problem won’t make it disappear. It’s false comfort to think that pretending a State ... Read more