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  • Physical vs. Legal Child Custody

    When parents separate or divorce, it is essential to maintain consistency in terms of how their children are raised. Rather than putting their own needs first, parents should make choices that promote ... Read more

  • How a Prenuptial Agreement Impacts Divorce

    No couple preparing to marry wants to consider the possibility that it may not work out. But the reality is that around half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. The income, property, ... Read more

  • When High Net Worth Couples Divorce

    Married couples accumulate a lot of material possessions, even if they have not been together long. Finances can also become intertwined, and the more assets they share, the more complicated it become ... Read more

  • How Divorce Affects Adult Children

    When a couple decides to end their marriage, the first thought is often about the effect of divorce on small children, but the growing trend of baby boomers divorcing late in life is shifting the focu ... Read more

  • Unique Child Visitation Schedules

    The alternating weekend visitation schedule is a time-honored tradition. Many courts still give this standard schedule to parents who are unable to agree on a more suitable visitation schedule, though ... Read more

  • 5 Tips for a High Net Worth Divorce

    Divorces and the economic aspects relating to divorces are complicated and involve many issues that need to be taken into consideration. When one or both of the parties is a high net worth individual, ... Read more

  • Spousal Maintenance

    In some Minnesota divorces, spousal support may be an issue. Spousal support, which is commonly called alimony, consists of monthly support payments that are made by a higher-earning spouse to a lower ... Read more