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Divorce in November 2013

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  • Tax Consequences of Alimony Payments

    What are the tax consequences of my alimony payments to my former spouse? If you have either agreed to or have been ordered to pay alimony to your former spouse and that agreement or order is memoria ... Read more

  • Potential Tax Consequences of Divorce

    Anyone who has spent any length of time trying to interpret the state or federal tax code knows that complying with the filing requirements is no easy feat. Add in the complexities of divorce, prope ... Read more

  • Divorce and the Special Needs Child

    While it is important in the context of any divorce involving children for the parents to set aside emotion and focus on the best interests of their child(ren), never is this more critical than for p ... Read more

  • Divorce settlement meetings

    Some Florida couples who are preparing to divorce may be interested in trying to resolve some of the issues amicably. In order to do that, spouses often agree to hold a settlement conference. A few he ... Read more