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Divorce in September 2010

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  • Types of Divorce in Atlanta, GA

    Divorce in Atlanta, GA The state of Georgia provides for different types of divorce including: No-fault divorce.  A no-fault divorce is based on the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage and c ... Read more

  • Grounds for Divorce in Indiana

    In order to be granted a divorce, the reasons (or grounds) for the divorce must meet the regulations specified by the state in which you live. Here are the basics of the grounds for divorce permitted ... Read more

  • Divorce options

    Basically, you have two different divorce options: Honolulu uncontested divorce.  In this instance, the couple agrees, for the most part, on the terms of their separation.   This means that ... Read more

  • Honolulu Divorce Lawyer

    With over 20 years of experience practicing law in Hawaii, firm principal Sheila Vierra offers the sophisticated representation of a large law firm, coupled with the personal attention and accessible ... Read more

  • Benefits of mediation

    Divorce attorneys in Sugar Land who have experience with the mediation process can help you decide whether to pursue mediation. There are several advantages to mediation that make it the preferable so ... Read more

  • Child Support is Based on Income

    Child support in the state of Florida is supposed to be paid based on a net income grid that was adopted by the Florida Legislature. Therefore, the definition of what is included in income is critical ... Read more


    Is Your (Foreign) Marriage Valid? by Timothy P. Peabody, Esq., Family Law AttorneyMost California residents when faced with the prospect of divorce rarely question the validity of their marriag ... Read more

  • Atlanta Separation

    Georgia family law does not provide for legal separation.  However, individuals living separately from their spouses may file a separate maintenance action. An Atlanta divorce attorney from The H ... Read more