DUI/DWI in November 2016

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    Q: Hello, I was pulled over recently and was charged with a DUI for marijuana in my system. I was not impaired at the time, but the officer believes that I was. He said I failed the field sobriety tes ... Read more

  • Is this my first or second DUI?

    Q: I was convicted of DUI on 2/05/2006 and sentenced for another on 5/05/2016. Would this be considered my first DUI in ten or my second?  I was charged with DUI general imp/incapable of driving ... Read more

  • Ohio DUI Field Sobriety Tests

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has a manual that sets forth the three major field sobriety tests and sets forth uniform standards for such testing. The tests consist of the ... Read more

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    Can police use sobriety checkpoints to stop and check to see if the drivers may be driving under the influence of alcohol? In other words, are sobriety checkpoints legal? The United States Supreme Cou ... Read more

  • DUI Blood Testing Requirements

    On February 10, 2016, the Ohio Supreme Court issued a decision on DUI blood testing requirements. In this latest case, the Ohio Supreme Court had to decide if the police substantially complied with th ... Read more

  • Ohio OVI Changes

    Ohio’s laws for operating under the influence of alcohol (otherwise known as OVI or more commonly known as DUI or DWI) have changed over the last several years. First, a test result of .17 or gr ... Read more

  • What Is OVI In Ohio?

    What is OVI in Ohio? Attorney Daniel Gigiano typically uses the term DUI in his articles because that is what most people commonly call the offense of driving under the influence of alcohol. Even Ohio ... Read more