DUI/DWI in September 2012

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      The California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs reports that three out of 10 Americans will be involved in an alcohol-influenced collision during their lives. More than one million dri ... Read more

  • DUI attorney in San Diego CA

    Any conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) is serious. Previously, multiple DUI convictions resulted in loss of driving privileges for up to three years, among other penalties. Until now. ... Read more

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    Understanding California DUI Programs       ?First offender: Offenders complete a counseling and drug education program. Offenders with blood alcohol concentration (BAC) under .2 ... Read more

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    Buzzed: The Physical Effect of Alcohol           ?BAC of .09 – .25: Excitability, emotionality, loss of motor coordination and impaired perception, memory and ... Read more

  • Defending Your Life–Part 3

    So, we learned some theory and some law in parts 1 & 2.  (I know, you probably didn’t read them.  Even if you did, you forgot.  It’s ok to go back and take a look.) Now ... Read more

  • DUI lawyers in San Diego

      After arrest for driving under the influence (DUI), chemical tests, the police report, and officer testimony are intended to provide reliable support for charges if the matter goes to court. ... Read more

  • San Diego DUI lawyers

      There is only one occasion when law enforcement does not need probable cause for a traffic stop in California. That is a sobriety checkpoint. A sobriety checkpoint is designed to evaluate pa ... Read more