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Estate Planning in May 2008

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  • Only diamonds are forever

    You finally did it. You made a will, set up a trust, took care of all your estate planning. Whew – you’re all done! Or are you? Anna Nicole Smith wrote a will when she was only 33 years ol ... Read more

  • Fiduciaries and Traits?

    ~ ~ ~ Your Fiduciaries should possess certain traits.  For more from my Website: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ First and foremost, the Fiduciaries of all of your Est ... Read more

  • Whither Goeth The Estate Tax?

    Estate Tax -Yes or No?. One of the biggest frustrations of estate planners the past few years has been planning for potential estate taxes. The exemption, of course, has been rising, now $2 million an ... Read more