Lawyer Blogs in February 2019

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  • Child Custody and Mediation

    Child custody conflicts are among the most stressful and potentially damaging aspects of a divorce for everyone involved – but is there an alternative? For some the answer may be yes, and can he ... Read more

  • South Carolina Pedestrian Deaths

    While Greenville County in South Carolina celebrates a significant decline in pedestrian deaths, the rest of the state continues to struggle with a steady increase in the number of pedestrian fataliti ... Read more

  • Pain Management Options

    Workers injured on the job can suffer devastating injuries leading to chronic pain. Without adequate pain management, injured workers are often unable to return to work or participate in daily life ac ... Read more

  • Overexertion Injuries at Work

    People suffer many kids of work-related injuries on the job. Accidents involving equipment failures, slip-and-falls, and repetitive strain injuries are common. Surprisingly, however, a leading cause o ... Read more

  • South Carolina School Bus Crash

    Every day, parents across the U.S. trust that their children are in good hands on buses going back and forth to school. In one South Carolina incident, it was only the quick thinking of a novice schoo ... Read more

  • Distractions in Cars Lead to Accidents

    Drivers face many distractions behind the wheel. The baby crying in the back seat. An animal dashing across the road. The tractor trailer losing a tire. Obviously, these sort of happenings cannot be p ... Read more

  • Day Care Responsibility

    Both state and federal law require daycare providers to uphold certain standards in protecting children under their care, supervision, or guidance from harm. When a daycare fails to uphold that duty, ... Read more