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  • Burning Bridges

    BURNING BRIDGES 49 BC – Roman Province of Gaul The Roman Senate issued an order to General Julius Caesar as he looked across the Rubicon River toward Italy. He, along with his legions of battle ... Read more

  • The Coastal Land Legacy Initiative in Texas

    The Texas Agricultural Land Trust has a new program to conserve Texas agricultural working lands, The Coastal Land Legacy Initiative. Designed to help preserve privately owned lands along the Gulf Coa ... Read more

  • How Elections Affect the Legislative Process

    It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to introduce new legislation or amend existing legislation. Either action will require a new piece of legislation or an amendment to an existing piece o ... Read more

  • New accounting law in Russia

    Russian Federation is implementing international accounting standards. One more step to do so is to adopt a new Federal law "On accounting", effective from January 1st, 2013.  It will i ... Read more

  • Non-reporting fines are now higher

    Russian Code on Administrative Offenses Code has been amended lately to increase fines for non-reporting to the Russian tax authorities about having opened/closed a bank account/deposit outside Russia ... Read more