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Accident Lawyer Focusing on Solutions to Distracted Driving

Over the last year there has been a considerable spike in the amount of highway collisions due to drivers who are distracted. The most common new form of distracted driving is the driver who is driving while texting (DWT) on their cell phone. The surveys show that even though people feel that DWT amounts to reckless driving, many are still willing to put their own lives, and others, at risk. The risks are severe as many distracted driver collisions result in high-speed rear end collisions or cross-over center line type collisions.

While my primary work as a car accident lawyer is to represent the injured in their insurance claims, I have also been working to advance solutions to curbing distracted driving.

First and foremost, we need comprehensive distracted driving laws in every state. While some states have laws banning DWT, many lawmakers opposed to texting bans take the position that there are already too many laws and that DWT laws will not be able to be enforced. They are also concerned about the infringement on personal liberties.

However, when a public safety law is enacted, law enforcement, and private citizens will have an incentive to change driving behavior. Following are some of the incentives that will follow a comprehensive distracted driving law:

  • Police departments will heighten their enforcement of distracted driving;
  • Governmental officials and other safety advocates will raise the public awareness to the dangers of conduct to be curbed;
  • Technology innovations will speed up to meet a rising demand to replace DWT;
  • Private companies will write policies and procedures prohibiting their employees from violating the law for fear of corporate exposure.

In my role as a highway safety attorney, I am anxious for constructive input. Please email me at

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