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    Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer  What you should know about wrongful death in California A situation where negligence leads to a person’s death does not just hurt the person who dies. ... Read more

  • Arizona School Violence/Bullying

    School Violence Arizona schools have a duty to protect students from a foreseeable harm. Recent surveys completed by the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), school is the&# ... Read more

  • Truck Accident Lawsuits

    Last year, $610 billion dollars was retrieved for truck accident settlements.  McChesney & Ortwerth, Saint Louis trucking accident attorneys, carefully examine the various reasons for truckin ... Read more

  • For Florida Car Accident Victims

    Auto accidents in Florida are often unpreventable however as a motorist it is your responsibility to learn the current traffic patterns and trends of your area, along with maintaining awareness of the ... Read more

  • Decoding a Car Accident

    Car accidents occur everyday and for a variety of reasons.  They can occur in speedy highway traffic or even bumper-to-bumper situations.  Atlanta car accidents are just as common in either ... Read more

  • Michael Malvey: Three Times Rising Star

    For the third consecutive year, Law and Politics Magazine selected Michael Malvey as one of the top young lawyers in Pennsylvania as profiled in Superlawyers: Rising Star 2008 Edition.  Michael ... Read more