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  • Vaping Causes Severe Lung Illness in Virginia

    E-cigarettes became wildly popular over the last few years, notwithstanding a lack of safety regulations and an alarming gap in research into the safety of vaping. The revelation that vaping causes se ... Read more

  • Back to School Safety

    Another summer has come to a close and that means another school year begins for children across the area. As school returns, so do school buses, children on foot and bicycle, and additional drivers u ... Read more

  • Dangers of Vaping Making Headlines

    An unidentified patient in Illinois has died from complications due to a serious lung disease likely related to vaping. The death is considered the first in the U.S. involving lung disease linked to e ... Read more

  • SEPTA Worker Settlement

    A Pennsylvania employee recently settled her workers’ compensation claim with the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA). The employee was working as a coach cleaner and atte ... Read more

  • Injuries Common Among Bus Drivers

    Bus drivers spend a lot of their time on the road, putting them at risk of injuries resulting from traffic incidents, prolonged postures, and repetitive movements. Injuries related to driving can lead ... Read more

  • Better Truck Ergonomics

    The word ergonomics was not widely used until the past few decades and is frequently associated with office environments. Many companies redesign their seating, computer stations, and communications s ... Read more

  • How Can I Tackle Workplace Burnout?

    Workplace burnout is something a person in any profession can experience. It can mean that the person feels fatigued or simply does not want to clock in at work for an extended period. Over time, thes ... Read more

  • Ways to Boost Safety in Manufacturing

    Industrial workers spend hours becoming better at their trades, learning the most effective and efficient ways to perform their jobs. The longer they stay with their employer, the more proficient they ... Read more