McGrath Gibson Car Accident Attorneys Achieve Settlement for $2,150,000.00

   In January of 2009, a young woman and her family were traveling in West Florida on a county road.  When approaching an intersection, the young woman suddenly realized that large truck approaching from her right was not stopping at the stop sign.  The family didn’t realize the devastating affect that the car accident would have upon their lives. 

    At the scene it was apparent that the young woman was severely injured.  She was rushed to the emergency room and had suffered a compound fracture to her right leg.  The young woman underwent a surgery attempting to reset and repair the severely damaged leg.  Unfortunately, it was soon evident that the leg was not healing properly.  After approximately two months in the hospital and multiple surgeries it was decided that the young woman’s best chance at a normal life would be to undergo an amputation of the leg just below the knee. 

    Our Jacksonville Florida Car Accident Attorneys began representation not long after the auto accident.  We established contact with all parties, interviewed witnesses, and established medical contacts for the young woman.  It was immediately discovered that the tortfeasor passed away due to the truck accident, as such, our firm filed caveats in all counties where the tortfeasor retained assets.  Such ability to act fast and readily establish contact with medical professionals is a principle that our firm prides itself upon. 

    When the decision of whether to undergo an amputation became a concern, our firm immediately contacted medical professionals we associate with to voice their opinion as to pending amputation.  A major concern of the professionals was the onset of infection especially considering the many surgeries our client underwent.  Ultimately, the decision was made to amputate. 

    The Jacksonville Florida car accident lawyers at our firm immediately made contact with a specialist in the field of prosthetics.  The attorneys made many trips to visit the hospitalized client, all along documenting the daily life and activities of the young woman.  Such personalized attention is another principle that our firm prides itself upon.

Ultimately, we settled the claim for $2,150,000.00.  Our client is currently going through the process of putting her life back together and learning to ambulate on her new prosthetic device.  Not only were we able to secure our client’s financial future but we established a relationship with our client consisting of care, trust, and compassion. 

At McGrath Gibson, our Jacksonville car accident lawyers don’t just talk about personal service, we strive to get to know all of our clients and their needs. We then target our exemplary skills toward achieving the best possible results, whether in the courtroom or at the negotiating table.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed by the negligence of others, let our aggressive, experienced and creative trial lawyers help you.

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McGrath Gibson Car Accident Attorneys Achieve Settlement for $2,150,000.00(See Full Article) At McGrath Gibson, our Jacksonville car accident lawyers don’t just talk about personal service, we strive to get to know all of our clients and their needs. Serving personal injury, auto accident,

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