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Media Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Cite Startling New Workplace Death Statistics

Preliminary figures from the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI) are in, and the news is not good for many sectors of the American workforce.

Workplace deathscontinued to climb in 2014, with 4,679 American workers fatally injured on the job – a two percent increase over 2013. The uptick follows a five-year trend since the preliminary count of workplace deaths averaged a net increase of 173 fatalities each year since 2009. According to the study conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 3.3 out of every 100,000 full-time equivalent workers died on the job in 2014.

Moreover, the number of workers killed by rel=”nofollow” >slip and fall accidents rose dramatically last year, with 793 fatalities reported overall. The figure is attributed by the CFOI to an increase in the number of falls to a lower level of a structure, most of which involved heights of 30 feet or less. Other subgroups sustaining more fatal injuries in 2014 than in 2013 include women, self-employed workers, police officers and workers 55-years-of age and older.

According to the CFOI, however, although 17% of all fatal work injury cases in 2014 involved contracted workers the number of hourly or non-exempt employees killed on the job was relatively stable as compared to 2013. The number of Hispanic workers involved in fatal workplace accidents declined, as did the number of government workers killed on the job and the number of deaths due to contact with objects and equipment. In another positive trend, the CFOI reports a stabilization of the number of workplace deaths attributed to violence. Workplace suicides decreased, while workplace homicides remained about the same.

Notably, almost 40% of all fatal workplace accidents in 2014 involved various modes of transportation. Most occurred in connection with a roadway incident, while others involved a pedestrian worker being struck by a vehicle. Furthermore, fatalities involving rail vehicles –such as trains and trolleys – jumped 34% in 2014, with 55 deaths reported.

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Although some professions are more dangerous than others, even the safest of workplaces can turn deadly. CFOI’s 2014 preliminary count of workplace death makes it clear that – no matter the demographic or job description – danger is lurking, even at work. If you or a loved one has been injured on the job, rel=”nofollow” >Media workers compensation lawyers at rel=”nofollow” >Schmidt, Kirifides, Fridkin & Rassias have the experience you need. We proudly serve clients in Bucks County, Philadelphia County, Montgomery County and Chester County, including in the communities of Glenolden, Chester, Marcus Hook, Darby, Haverford, Yeadon and Reading. Call us at 1-877-268-6466 or rel=”nofollow” >contact us online today to schedule a consultation at our offices in Media, Pennsylvania; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; or Wilmington, Delaware.

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