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New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Law

NJ Workers’ Compensation law protects employees when an accident injures them on the job.  The law prevents an employer from denying worker compensation benefits because of a fellow employee’s negligent actions.  An employer also cannot claim the injured employee accepted the inherent or incidental risks of his or her employment.

An employer cannot deny you benefits because of horseplay on the part of a fellow employee if you did not instigate or take part in the activities that injured you. 

The New Jersey Workers’ Compensation law dictates what prevents the administrator from granting benefits.  New Jersey Workers Compensation attorneys often have to assist clients wrongfully denied the benefits to which the law entitles them. 

Do not accept the administration’s initial denial as the final word.  Consult with  New Jersey Workers’ Compensation lawyers when you believe the administrator wrongfully denied you benefits.

When you have a dispute with your employer and/or his or her insurance carrier over whether you deserve benefits, the Department of Labor allows you to file a Claim Petition or Application for an Informal Hearing with the Division of Workers’ Compensation. 

While you may not need representation from New Jersey Workers Compensation lawyers during these proceedings, you benefit from the advice of qualified legal counsel.  Some of the reasons your employer may dispute benefits include the following:

  • Denial that the injury or illness was work-related
  • Denial of the type and extent of medical treatment
  • Denial of the payment of temporary disability benefits
  • Federal Workers’ Compensation law

The Department of Labor’s Office of Workers’ Compensation Program administers four major disability compensation programs to cover the following instances:

  • Provide wage replacement benefits
  • Provide medical treatment
  • Provide vocational rehabilitation
  • Provide other benefits to employees and dependants

The government grants these benefits only to federal employees and their dependents.  If you suffered an accident on the job that left you injured and work for a private corporation or state government, you must seek benefits from the New Jersey Division of Workers’ Compensation.

No matter what benefits you require after your work-related injury, your case deserves the attention of professional familiar with the law.  Contact the New Jersey Workers Compensation attorneys at Tobin, Reitman, Greenstein, Caruso, Wiener & Konray, P.C. to discuss your claim

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