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South Carolina Traffic Fatalities- YTD

Charleston Traffic Fatality Attorney

The Department of South Carolina Public Safety report as of March 18th, there were 147 traffic fatalities. There were 153 deaths in the same time period in the previous year. Through midnight March 18th, 23 pedestrians, 10 motorcyclists and four bicyclists were killed on state roadways.

Automobiles are built to be safer than in any other time in history; however, safety improvements cannot prevent all deaths and injuries. Traffic fatalities involving people not wearing seat belts have reached 69 year to date. The safety features can’t help if they are not used!

Traffic Fatalities Annual Report

The South Carolina Traffic Fatality Report for 2011 reveals DUI accidents are the leading cause of death and that Charleston is the most deadly area to drive in South Carolina. A majority of traffic fatalities were collisions with other automobiles and greater than half of victims were not wearing their seat belts. If your family member was killed in a fatal auto accident with a drunk driver, wrongful death laws in South Carolina enable you to pursue financial damages for pecuniary injuries. Damages in an accidental death law suit are to be fair and just compensation for financial or “pecuniary” injury that resulted from the decedent’s death. Pecuniary injuries include:

  • Funeral and medical expenses
  • Loss of support services
  • Lost prospect of inheritance
  • Interest accrued from the date of death

Punitive damages may be permitted, depending on your jurisdiction. Punitive damages can be another form of punishment to the negligent party to discourage him/her from doing likewise in the future. If your death law suit is in South Carolina or North Carolina, you are permitted to seek punitive damages, but the standard of award varies. These are but a few of the reason you will need an experienced attorney representing your best interest.

Law Suits Resulting from Traffic Fatalities

Family members of a person killed in a car accident with a negligent party or person may have reason to file a wrongful death action. States have their own laws, which dictate the statute of limitations and negligence guidelines. It is important that you have a lawyer knowledgeable with the state whose laws governing your claim.

The Clore Law Group’s lawyers are licensed in numerous states and are regularly sought to co-counsel other attorneys on catastrophic cases, like accidental death claims. If a family member of your was killed, call 800-610-2546 now to speak to an experienced wrongful death lawyer about your claim.

South Carolina has released the YTD traffic fatality report and once again Charleston is ranking as the most likely place to be killed in a car accident. If a family member of your was killed, call 800-610-2546 now to speak to an experienced wrongful death lawyer about your claim.
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