Toyota Launches Prius Repair Campaign

From Legal Blog – Brett A. Burlison

Prius hybrids made from 2004 to 2007 suffer from “cooling system
glitches.”  Now, there have been no personal injury accidents or
injuries reported due to this problem (unlike the company’s sudden
acceleration problems).


Nevertheless, as reported by the Wall Street Journal,
Toyota has introduced a limited service campaign to deal with this
product defect.  And just in case we weren’t clear, Toyota spokesman
Joan Hanson is quoted in the WSJ article as stating that this is not a
recall but a warranty extension.

The problem seems to be problematic pumps that can cause vehicle
overheating and loss of power, which certainly could increase the risk
of an accident or injury.  But according to the WSJ, the company does
not consider this issue a safety risk.

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