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When Help is Needed

People tragically injured through the misconduct or wrongful acts of others need compensation—to pay medical expenses, compensate for wages that can no longer be earned, or pay for a lifetime of care after a disabling accident.

Accidents occur each day, with grim consequences. Defective products cause irreparable injury, construction equipment kills and maims, and motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death among people age five to 35 in the United States.

Compensation after suffering personal injury

Personal injury lawyers focus on the aftermath of accidents that cause injury. Through investigation and retention of expert witnesses, legal counsel strives to uncover the chain of events leading to an injury, and determine who was responsible for it. In addition, if an attorney proves a person, or entity, was negligent, they can be found liable for damages to the injured party.

Types of damages possible in a personal injury matter include the following:

  • Lost wages: Even minor injuries affect the ability to work. Compensation can include present wages lost while recuperating or future wage loss due to partial or permanent disability
  • Permanent disability: Financial support can be awarded for loss of enjoyment and quality of life after suffering serious, debilitating injury
  • Medical expenses: A financial award often includes payment of all present and anticipated medical and rehabilitative expenses
  • Pain and suffering: A verdict, or settlement offer, may include money for the pain and suffering an individual has endured because of their injury
  • Death: Oklahoma law contains a wrongful death statute providing compensation for grief, loss of support, and companionship experienced by family members, as well as payment of medical and funeral expenses

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Money cannot buy health, happiness—or life—but it can help when medical and other assistance is needed to restore quality of life. If injured through the negligence of others, contact the Oklahoma injury lawyers of Ryan Bisher Ryan Phillips & Simons to get the advice—and the financial compensation—you need.

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People tragically injured through the misconduct or wrongful acts of others need compensation. Learn the types of damages possible in a personal injury matter.

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