Real Estate in May 2018

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  • Texas Innkeepers and Hotels

    Texas Innkeepers and Hotels In Texas, a lease of land grants the lessee an actual estate in the real property made up of the specific rights granted.  Depending on the type of rights granted to a ... Read more

  • Premises Liability

    Premises Liability Of prime importance to property owners and occupiers (tenants) is liability for damages to persons or property which occur on the owner’s or occupier’s property.  O ... Read more

  • The Texas Timeshare Act

    The Texas Timeshare Act Timeshares have been and continue to be a popular method to secure affordable vacation destinations.  For timeshare properties located in or offered for sale in Texas, Tex ... Read more

  • The New York Real Estate Transfer Tax (or RETT)

    Our great State of New York uses a wide variety of means to generate income. As we’ve seen, there’s state income taxes, sales taxes, specialized surtaxes, corporate taxes and many others. ... Read more

  • Vancouver’s Foreign Buyer Tax

    Though we tend to focus on tax news and tax developments happening here in our great State of New York, it’s also useful to occasionally take a peek at tax news from other parts of the ... Read more