Lawyer Blogs in September 2018

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  • The Story of Jones & Associates, PC

    If you have legal problems, do not delay in contacting us for advice. The first consultation is free. We have twenty years of experience in the legal field in Tennessee. Kent Jones graduated from Hixs ... Read more

  • Right to Counsel

    If you are charged with a crime in the State of Tennessee that involves imprisonment for more than six (6) months, then the Sixth Amendment Right to Counsel requires for the government to provide you ... Read more

  • United States Confrontation Clause

    The United States Supreme Court, in Crawford v. Washington, 541 U.S. 36 (2004), changed the way that criminal cases are tried. It used to be that a lot of hearsay was able to come in due to longstandi ... Read more

  • Corporate Formation

    At Jones & Associates, PC, I have formed LLC’s, PLLC’s and Professional Corporations. I believe that the first step before you form a corporate entity is to talk to your accountant abo ... Read more

  • Jones & Associates, PC, Attorneys at Law

    I formed Jones & Associates, PC, Attorneys at Law on April 5, 2012. After graduating from the George Washington University Law School (formerly National Law Center), I did a few odd jobs then secu ... Read more

  • Recent Developments

    At Jones & Associates PC, Attorneys at Law, we are pleased to announce the latest new developments. First, in early 2018, we moved our professional office to 140 North Ocoee Street #290, Cleveland ... Read more

  • Divorce in the State of Tennessee

    In our practice at Jones & Associates, PC, we typically run into three (3) types of divorces; however, there are subcomponents in each category. First, there is the Irreconcilable Differences ( ... Read more

  • Identity Theft

    Identity theft has become more common and frequent as computer and internet technology have evolved. Thieves can use your social security number, address, date of birth and information on accounts to ... Read more