Lawyer Blogs in September 2018

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  • Hazardous Materials Risks and Construction

    Working on a construction site is risky on numerous levels. There is always the possibility of a fall when using ladders, being hit by construction equipment, or injury due to misuse of tools or machi ... Read more

  • Why Dashboard Cameras?

    Most of us are familiar with use of dashboard cameras by police officers to provide a clear record of their activities. These devices have gained mainstream acceptance in Asian cities, where traffic i ... Read more

  • Structural Collapses

    In early June, a construction worker was killed and another trapped when a North Philadelphia row house collapsed during the demolition process. Another construction worker managed to escape. The city ... Read more

  • Show Your Commitment to Safety

    It does not matter if you work in an office or on a construction site, inherent hazards are always present. To ensure the safest work environment, all employees, at every level, should participate in ... Read more

  • Car vs. Police Car Accident

    When you have been involved in a car accident, the first thing you want to do is call 911 for medical and police assistance. What happens if the other vehicle involved in the crash is a police car? Do ... Read more

  • Backhoe Accidents

    Backhoes are part and parcel of most construction sites. But this heavy equipment is also responsible for hundreds of injuries and deaths each year. On average, about 40 people die annually from backh ... Read more

  • Avoiding Sun Glare Accidents

    Most of us start our day off driving to work or school. Encountering sun glare during our travels is an annoying inconvenience. However, sun glare may be a lot more dangerous than many of us realize, ... Read more

  • Workers’ Compensation and Minors

    Many states have special Workers’ Compensation provisions for minors, but Delaware is not one of them. Some states exempt seasonal workers, the types of jobs in which minors often find employmen ... Read more

  • Motorcycle Accidents

    Motorcyclists enjoy riding most when the weather is mild. Their appearance on the roads after winter is like a modern-day robin, signaling the change in seasons. During the warm weather months, motorc ... Read more