Social Security Disability in October 2009

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    Why is the SSA requesting an evaluation? During the course of a claim for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, the SSA will sometimes request that the claimant attend a medical examination. ... Read more

  • Proving you cannot work

    In some situations, individuals have a tendency to fixate on the most complicated medical evidence because they believe it is the best evidence to support their claim. The truth is that it may help th ... Read more

  • Contacting the SSA

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  • Why does the SSA need more information?

    Determining eligibility for disability benefits is a complex process resulting in the possibility of significant life changes for the recipient. Approved claims also result in long-term governmental f ... Read more

  • How to prepare for your CE

    Many people become concerned and anxious over an upcoming consultative exam.  They feel that there is some pressure to perform or behave in such a way that can guarantee their claim’s appro ... Read more