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  • Civil Conspiracy Claims in Pennsylvania

    “Civil conspiracy occurs when two or more persons combine or agree intending to commit an unlawful act or do an otherwise lawful act by unlawful means.”  Weaver v. Franklin County, 91 ... Read more

  • Abuse of Process Claims in Pennsylvania

     The word “process” as used in the tort of abuse of process “has been interpreted broadly, and encompasses the entire range of procedures incident to the litigation process.R ... Read more

  • Reinstatement to the Pennsylvania Bar

    “When reinstatement is sought by the disbarred attorney, the threshold question must be whether the magnitude of the breach of trust would permit the resumption of practice without a detrimental ... Read more

  • Invasion of Privacy Claims in Pennsylvania

    The Restatement (Second) of Torts sets forth the elements for each invasion of privacy claim under Sections 652B-E, as follows:  Under Section 652C: One who appropriates to his own use or benefi ... Read more

  • Defamation: Brief Overview

    Under Pennsylvania law, a claim for defamation must allege: (1) the defamatory character of the communication; (2) publication; (3) that the communication refers to the complaining party; (4) the thir ... Read more