Trusts and Estates in July 2016

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  • The Essentials of Trust Funding

    This week I’m sharing a blog post on trust planning from Dave Zumpano, who focuses in Medicaid planning. See below! Blog Author: David J. Zumpano, Esq, CPA, Co-founder Lawyers With Purpose, Foun ... Read more

  • Trusts – Which One is the Right One for You???

    Trusts can be an important tool in estate planning. However, it is important to pick the right type of trust, depending on your goals and circumstances. A Revocable Trust may be your friend. Revocable ... Read more

  • The Elder$mart$ Campaign in Navarre

    Tommy G. Smith spoke at the E.H. Pullum Senior Center on Tuesday April 5, 2016 in Navarre on behalf of the The Florida Bar and The Academy of Florida Elder Law Attorneys (AFELA ) for the Elder$mart$ C ... Read more

  • Critical Retirement Decisions as Boomers Hit Age 70

    2016 is the year the first baby boomers will reach age 70. It is also the year for some critical decisions that will affect your retirement years. Here are some deadlines you won’t want to miss. ... Read more

  • Elder Law Q &A: What is a Special Needs Trust?

    Many public benefits are means tested, which means that the public program limits the amount of income and/or assets that an individual can have in order to qualify for the benefit. Unfortunately, ind ... Read more

  • Elder Law Q&A: What is a Qualified Income Trust

    Without a Qualified Income Trust (QIT), also known as a Miller Trust, a Florida Medicaid applicant cannot qualify for nursing home or assisted living facility benefits under the Statewide Managed Medi ... Read more