Trusts and Estates in September 2016

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  • Naming a Trust as Beneficiary of an IRA

    For many individuals, an IRA is a significant asset and an important part of their estate plan. Upon death, IRAs are distributed according to the beneficiary designation form. A mistake on the benefic ... Read more

  • Trustee Fees in California

    Here you can find Part 1 and Part 2 of this article.  In most cases, a trustee does not need to obtain a court order before paying himself — he simply pays himself for the work performed. A ... Read more

  • Reviewing Your Estate Plan

    Many people never review their trust after leaving their estate planner’s office. Unfortunately, failing to review your trust periodically can lead to unintended and costly consequences for your ... Read more

  • California Small Estate Affidavit

    When a California resident dies without any estate planning, or with only a will, their estate will ordinarily be subject to formal probate administration. Probate has strict rules about notices, time ... Read more

  • Changing Your California Estate Plan

    Some estate planning clients change their estate planning frequently as they get older. Usually this stems from excessive worry over what will happen when they are gone. But whatever the cause, elders ... Read more

  • Appealing a Trust or Estate Case

    Estate and trust litigation cases are usually tried before a judge rather than a jury. In a nonjury trial, the trial court is required to issue a statement of decision, upon a timely request by a part ... Read more